Posted on Jul 6, 2018

Mad Alchemist Tattoo

$31 Tattoos Friday, July 13th Special!!!

Jul 13, 2018 – Jul 14, 2018
155 Tattoo DESIGNS (4 pages)!!... (check our Facebook feed for tattoo choices (link below)! $31 dermal (+ mandatory $9 jewelry) all day long!!! We offer FREE Beverages, LOTS of seating, MOVIES on the T.V.s, GREAT tattoos & piercings....and...the COOLEST AIR CONDITIONING IN TOWN!!! If interested, call or come on over to: Mad Alchemist Tattoo 994 South Peoria Street Aurora, CO 80012 720-535-8261 RULES FOR FRIDAY 13TH EVENT: The same rules do apply as the last time we did this event: 1. Sizes are non-negotiable. 2. Prices are non-negotiable. 3. Black, grey, and red are the only colors we offer (unless the artist decides to do something different). 4. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! 5. We will try to get everyone tattooed, but if not...and you are the last few, we will accommodate you as best we can! 6. NO necks, hands, face, or feet!